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"Nowhere left to go" making it's way up the Canadian charts!

The new album is slowly making it's way up the Canadian roots and blues charts this week!

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Review of Retrospective Tour 2019 album (UK)

Although it is a bit late, this review was just published for the last live album, thanks to Bluesdoodles in the UK!

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Well, I am going to give Patreon another try. Last time I found it really frustrating to have this pressure to create each month. This time I have only one tier for 3 euros a month, and I will create in the moment, sing, blog, post poetry, recipes, personal thoughts, etc. 

More information can be found at:

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Out with Netflix and in with new podcasts...

So we have ended our subscription with Netflix and it will run out in the next few weeks.

Although there are many programs on Netflix which I will miss, I can no longer support this company as I feel strongly that they have no ethical/moral ground in which they run their business. I also know that I will find myself with more time to read, meditate, write and spend time doing other things once it is gone. We bought ourselves an old DVD player instead to look back at some of the dvds from my collection. :)

But on another note, I stumbled across an interesting podcast today, that of Jordan B. Peterson. So now I want to reach out to my fans, and ask if any of you have some suggestions for new podcasts I could check out, because I have never been big on podcasts, but really enjoyed a few of the ones I heard today.

If you have some podcasts you have been enjoying that you think I might like, please send the suggestions to


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Pay attention to what is going on...

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Have you read this information? (M.D. Christiane Northrup)

Have you read or been following news and updates from M.D. Christiane Northrup?

Some may interest you.

Text taken from:

What if you sent your children to school only to find out later an invasive medical procedure had been performed on them complete with permanent digital identification barcodes?

What if you were forced to take a vaccine—one with undisclosed ingredients and no long-term safety studies—that didn’t even stop transmission of the disease in question? And what if you needed proof of having received that vaccine in order to go about your day?

What if laws were put in place allowing for your children to be vaccinated without your permission or knowledge?

This all sounds extreme, right? Well, this is actually what is occurring around the globe and here in the United States right now.

The first instance refers to the British army’s testing of children for COVID-19 and barcoding them without parental consent at a Liverpool school. Any child who tests positive for COVID-19 will be isolated and quarantined. The plan is to roll this out nationwide.

The second instance is something many more people are becoming aware of—the fact that no one knows or can find out what is actually in the vaccines. Doctors, researchers, and epidemiologists are speaking out because the vaccine manufacturers will not disclose what is in the COVID-19 vaccine. What we do know is that the fast-tracked vaccines do not stop transmissibility of the virus that causes COVID-19. And the FDA is aware of a wide range of serious side effects, such as Guillain-Barre syndrome, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, transverse myelitis, convulsions/seizures, anaphylaxis, autoimmune disease, myocarditis/pericarditis, Kawasaki disease, and many others, including death!

The third instance is a bill that allows children as young as age 11 to be vaccinated without parental approval or knowledge. The vaccinating doctor would send all health information directly to the child’s school rather than the parents and then seek compensation directly from the insurance company, again without involving the parent. This bill recently passed 12–1 in the District of Columbia!

Given that the virus that causes COVID-19 has a near 99% recovery rate, it is evident that the public health authoritarian response has nothing to do with a pandemic. It is a global crime of epic proportions.

How Fear Overrides Common Sense

In my book, Dodging Energy Vampires, I wrote about the dynamics of vampire relationships. In all vampire relationships, there is an imbalance of power. Vampires are very skilled at manipulating and controlling others to benefit their own agenda.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the fear it has instilled in many people have created widespread cognitive dissonance. At the very first rumblings of “Stay home, save Grandma,” many people decreased the importance of their own beliefs and constitutionally protected rights and freedoms to “do what’s best for others.” We put on masks, stayed socially distanced, and took other extreme measures to “stay safe.”

Then, despite the fact that COVID-19 was downgraded by the World Health Organization (WHO) in March 2020 as being no more deadly than the seasonal flu, the powers-that-be continued to control the world’s population with mandates and “science.” That’s right! The mask mandates, social distancing, and constant fear-mongering supported by the mainstream media and public health departments worldwide started AFTER the virus had already spread around the entire planet.

The tactics used by elected officials to gain public cooperation are the same as those used by vampires and domestic abusers. They are also used by prison guards and despots to coerce and torture prisoners of war.

8 Manipulation Techniques Are Being Used to Control You

In 1957, Albert D. Biderman, M.A., wrote a paper discussing the 8 steps of brainwashing used by Chinese and Korean interrogators to elicit false confessions from U.S. Air Force prisoners of war. The goal in using these tactics was to manipulate people’s minds and feelings to gain cooperation and ultimately make them psychological and physical prisoners.

The 8 steps used by interrogators were subsequently turned into a tool designed to demonstrate and explain the methods of stress manipulation used. The tool is called Biderman’s Chart of Coercion.

Here are the 8 tactics outlined in Biderman’s Chart of Coercion:

  1. Isolation. Isolation deprives the victim of all social support. People need social support in order to resist. When a person is deprived of emotional support (like reality checks with BFFs), they are much easier to brainwash. This technique is often used by religious cults that typically isolate their members from family and friends, saying that members must denounce their family to prove their love of the god they worship and the cult (replacement family). This way, the abuser can hammer ideologies into the victim’s consciousness until they believe the specific doctrine and requirements of the group. Due to isolation, the member becomes reliant on the leader and the group and becomes fearful of losing support. Since March 2020, everyone has suffered some form of consequence from isolation caused by the mandates and lockdowns.
  2. Controlling perception. One way to control people is to fixate their attention on an immediate predicament, control the narrative around the predicament, and eliminate any information that does not support the message. For example, the constant flow of information stating that wearing a mask is essential to protect others (even when you are outside and 6 feet away), combined with the censoring of any evidence to the contrary, has led many people to willingly give up their own right to breathe freely and to not attempt to research for themselves. Also, the pushing of massively (and purposely) confusing PCR tests—“get tested so you don’t spread it”—along with the terms exposedasymptomatic carrier, and cases prompts people to run out to get tested “just in case” they might kill Grandma and even to self-quarantine when they have no symptoms.
  3. Humiliation or degradation. Humiliation is a form of punishment that heightens feelings of incompetence and induces mental and physical exhaustion. An example of humiliation during this pandemic is the shaming of people who do not wear masks. This can eventually lead to the person giving in and wearing a mask.
  4. Exhaustion. Exhaustion is used to break down a prisoner’s will, both physically and mentally, so he stops resisting. Techniques used include semi-starvation, sleep deprivation, overexertion, and others. However, exhaustion can also stem from the bombardment of media spewing a false narrative and from the stress of feeling unable to control your life. Hearing “The second wave is coming. It’s getting worse and worse. Hospitals are overflowing,” creates exhaustion.
  5. Threats. Threats are used to create anxiety and despair. Threats being used today include (a) economic threats, such as imposing excessive fines for not wearing a mask in public, having your operating license revoked if you have too many people in your restaurant at once, or having your PayPal account and eList servers disabled when you post content online that questions the narrative; (b) physical threats, such as the threat of being removed from your home if you test positive or being taken to jail for hosting a family gathering.
  6. Using omnipotence, superiority, power. Using power of position over someone demonstrates to them that their resistance is futile. During the pandemic, many elected leaders have turned into tyrants imposing mandates (illegally) and using their power to enforce them. Similarly, Big Tech has used its power of “fact checking” to shadow ban or deplatform users and block content that does not support the mainstream narrative. This has caused many people to simply stop using social media as a way to discuss opposing viewpoints.
  7. Enforcing trivial demands. Demands are often trivial and contradictory. This reinforces who has power and control. We are told that masks don’t work but then told that they do, and the situations where they must be worn are very specific. For example, you need them outside and sometimes even when you are alone in your own home. You also may need them between bites at a restaurant in some places but not others. You can’t visit Maine from Massachusetts. And if you go over the state line, you have to quarantine for 2 weeks when you return.
  8. Granting occasional indulgences. By granting “indulgences,” the people in power provide positive motivation for conforming to their demands. In abuse cases, the victim works to “earn” these indulgences in an effort to increase self-esteem. During lockdowns, we are told to just stay in now, and if you’re good, maybe we will allow you to go to a restaurant soon.

Do any of these seem familiar?

How to Reclaim Your Health Freedom

As I am writing this, we are on the brink of forced vaccinations for a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate (outside of nursing homes), while Big Tech is censoring and silencing those of us who are trying to share the truth. And the truth is, your health freedom is at stake.

The best way you can reclaim your health freedom is to question the narrative and research whatever does not seem right. You must seek the truth and then fight for it. I urge you not to listen to the mainstream media or other parties with an interest in selling a vaccine. I know that this can be difficult. I have fought for truth in medicine for most of my career. And while many facts about the pandemic and the vaccine are being suppressed right now, there are resources available if you know where to look. In addition, I encourage you to trust your inner guidance.

Here are some topics you may want to research and several resources that can help you get started on your quest for truth and medical freedom:

Topic 1: Lockdowns. Did you know that the lockdowns we have been forced to endure since March are more dangerous than the virus itself? Never in history have healthy people been quarantined to protect a medically fragile population. The lockdowns occurring since March 2020 have created economic devastation all over the planet and have had far worse consequences on public health than the virus itself, including many more suicides in high school–aged children, drug overdoses, and cases of spousal and child abuse.

Resources: Many doctors, epidemiologists, and scientists have questioned the mainstream COVID-19 approach of lockdowns and masks and have even spoken out about the damaging physical and mental health effects of lockdowns. But they have been marginalized by the mainstream media. You can find information from these doctors in the Great Barrington Declaration.

Professor Dolores Cahill, president of the World Freedom Alliance, has a wealth of information about the dangers of lockdowns and mask data as well as effective treatments for COVID-19 and much more.

Millions Against Medical Mandates, an organization that I am a member of, also has very good information about lockdowns with links to many other resources available.

GreenMedInfo, run by my friend and colleague Sayer Ji, is a highly researched and referenced website with a huge body of information. Here is one piece on lockdowns.

Topic 2. Flu vaccine. This year more than any other, people have heard they must get a flu vaccine. This seems odd if you look at the numbers the CDC is reporting. The flu has virtually disappeared in the wake of COVID-19, as have other diseases.

Resources: In my blog, Should You Get the Flu Shot This Year? I recommend against getting the flu vaccine for many reasons, one being that it can increase your risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms. I also have many other blogs and resources where you can learn how to boost your immune system and your health naturally and avoid and even recover from seasonal colds and flu.

Another great resource for information of flu vaccines is Physicians for Informed Consent. Here you can find facts and scientific studies.

My colleague, Dr. Joseph Mercola, has many well-researched articles about vaccines, including the flu vaccine and the new COVID-19 vaccine. His website is easy to search.

Topic 3. Masks. Masks do not prevent the spread of respiratory viruses. Even the CDC has stated that “disposable medical masks (also known as surgical masks) are loose-fitting devices that were designed to be worn by medical personnel to protect accidental contamination of patient wounds, and to protect the wearer against splashes or sprays of bodily fluids. There is limited evidence for their effectiveness in preventing influenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure. Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.”

Resources: A recent Danish study reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that “The recommendation to wear surgical masks to supplement other public health measures did not reduce the SARS-CoV-2 infection rate among wearers by more than 50% in a community with modest infection rates, some degree of social distancing, and uncommon general mask use. The data were compatible with lesser degrees of self-protection.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola reported on the “science” and universal mask wearing, citing other experts and journalists, including investigative journalist Jeremy Hammond and attorney/activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. You can find the article here.

Millions Against Medical Mandates has some very important information on the dangers of masking children. They also have a great downloadable resource sheet from this same page with many links to research on masks.

Topic 4. Testing and “cases.” People are still going in droves to be tested at the slightest sniffle or even if they are asymptomatic “just to be safe.” This is truly ridiculous. Why would you want to be tested for something you don’t have? But, more importantly, the tests being used are not diagnostic tests. The majority of tests being performed are polymerase chain reaction tests, known as PCR tests. These are not diagnostic tests, so a positive PCR test means absolutely nothing. Yet, these are being used to determine the number of “cases” at any given time and location. We do not have a pandemic now; we have a casedemic. And the more testing you do with a test that is proven to be inaccurate, the more cases you will find. Even the New York Times reported on the problem with PCR tests a few months ago. And despite the fact that deaths have fallen dramatically, the term cases being used continually by the media and elected officials is driving the panic. Most recently, a Portuguese courthad ruled PCR tests “unreliable” (and said that mandatory quarantines based on positive PCR tests are “unlawful”!

Resources: Dr. Joseph Mercola has reported on the use of PCR testing for COVID-19.

Del Bigtree of The Highwire has much information on his show and website regarding COVID-19, including information on the lack of accuracy of the PCR test.

Topic 5. The COVID-19 vaccine. The mainstream narrative is that we won’t be able to resume our normal lives and civil liberties until we are universally vaccinated. This is worrisome. There has never been a successful vaccine for this type of SARS virus. And, in fact, the prior attempts have failed miserably. The current COVID-19 vaccine was fast-tracked without adequate study. And clinical trials have been halted for all but the Pfizer vaccine because of serious side effects in very healthy volunteers, including death and transverse myelitis. Given that 99.99% of people recover from this virus, why take the risk? We still do not know exactly what is in the vaccine. We do know that, in the trials, some subjects have experienced serious side effects, and several deaths have been reported recently. Another thing we know is that the vaccine is an mRNA vaccine, the likes of which have never been successfully created let alone tested for long-term safety. These vaccines are designed to instruct your DNA to make the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein through a process called trans-infection. This is also how genetically engineered organisms are created, which is why there is much discussion about transhumanism and “human 2.0” happening.

Resources: Start your truth discovery with this article by Dr. Joseph Mercola. The original article included a YouTube video of Dr. Carrie Madej discussing transhumanism and the idea of melding artificial intelligence with human DNA.

I suggest you also watch Dr. Madej’s full video on the subject here.

You may also want to learn what the COVID-19 vaccine can do to your body’s immune system.

Topic 6. Treatments for COVID-19. Safe and effective treatments for COVID-19 have been available from the beginning. These include vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, quercetin, and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). There are others, and all have been heavily censored.

Resources: The Zelenko protocol—a combination of zinc, HCQ, and azithromycin—significantly reduces symptoms, hospitalization, and deaths from COVID-19.

America’s Frontline Doctors have also spoken out about these treatments after successfully treating many patients in their practices. You can learn more at their website.

Of course, there are many more resources, and I encourage you to find them. Do your own research. Question the mainstream narrative. Dig below the surface.

Steps You Can Take to Preserve Your Medical Freedom

Together we are stronger. There are groups you can join to learn more and to find resources to help circumvent some of the problems that have been forced on us by our elected officials at the local and state level. For example, Dr. Pam Popper has resources for parents looking to homeschool their children plus much more information on her website. Pam also heads up MakeAmericansFreeAgain, a landmark movement that is working to stop illegal mandates, support businesses and individuals, and design a better health care system. I’m a member and have started weekly groups in my home state to help amass millions of people who want to end this tyranny.

Peggy Hall, the Healthy American, provides information on the legal steps you can take locally to fight against illegal mandates. And, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (an attorney in the United States and Germany) is pursuing a tort case against the “coronavirus scandal.” You can read his testimony and others given to the German Corona Investigative Committee and stay up to date on the progress here.

You can also sign petitions, start a local action group, write to your elected representatives (or visit them in person), and become a one-issue voter to ensure your medical freedom is restored and protected.

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Album review from the Rock Doctor in BC, Canada

NOWHERE LEFT TO GO Layla Zoe (Independent) ****+

No better way to start off a brand new year than with a little fire and brimstone blues.  Layla’s 15th album features everything from blues to rock, folk, gospel and more, often concurrently, but mostly blues with rock muscle… and she KILLS it.

Originally from British Columbia and now calling the Netherlands home, Zoe pulled together friends, colleagues and fans from everywhere to crowd fund, record and produce this new record.  Nowhere Left To Go is 10 songs, co-written with people like Jackie Venson, Alastair Greene and Suzie Vinnick.  Recording during the pandemic with social distancing protocols certainly makes recording with others challenging, but modern technology offers many solutions and has done so for years.  Layla’s vocals were recorded, mixed and mastered by Nils Volcker at Access All Areas Studios in Bremen, Germany, while the contributions of others came from their remote locations.

I became a fan a number of years ago with her album Breaking Free and the song Highway Of Tears in particular.  I was bowled over by the passion and power of her performance then, that HUGE voice, and feel the same way about Nowhere Left to Go.  The album opens with Pray, a song for our times if there ever was one, and tunes like Sometimes We Fight, Don’t Wanna Help Anyone and Might Need To Fly feel like they were made for these days too, although they also reach beyond that tight little box we all seem to find ourselves in at the moment. Of course there are songs of a more personal nature as well, about relationships.

Thanks to the volcanic power of many of these songs a ballad like Might Need To Flystands in stark contrast to the sonic firepower of the tracks leading up to it.  I even like how the disc is sequenced, with the last 3 songs serving as a cool down coda, to bring us in for a landing after a tense. emotional journey as the 45 minute album winds down.  The power and passion of her artistry made me a fan, and that multiplies with Nowhere Left To Go.  I wish I could be in the room with you when you hear this for the first time!

KEY CUTS:  Sometimes We Fight, Pray, Might Need To Fly

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All in the smile!

One of my fans Andreas Scholz in Germany recently won the grand prize merchandise package on New Year's Day which included vinyl, cds, t-shirts, photos and more.

He received the package yesterday and you can see the JOY it brings! Thanks for all the support Andreas and enjoy your prizes. :)

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Tech giants

Always we have been waiting somehow, knowing that a time would come when technology, particularly of the internet would begin to hurt and harm in ways we wanted to blind ourselves to in the past. Always "terms of service" were changing and we would tell ourselves, "yes, but I know I must give up some privacy to be on the internet and use these social media apps, etc"....I was also guilty of this for years, thinking the tech giants would never cross certain lines we all believed were uncrossable.

But even after knowing that children lives were being harmed by internet porn and social media sites, that Facebook had admitted to sharing and selling our information, and we saw how algorithms started to take over everything that we saw and believed about ourselves and others online, we didn't stop...

Now, no matter who the president is, isn't the responsibility of the people to make decisions about what is seen and heard and what is not?

And even if we say we disagree, as the people, are we still not treading on thin ice if we agree to blatantly censor anyone, be they an artist or a politician?

Questions certainly fill my mind these days, as I hear news of another social media site "PARLER" being dismantled by Amazon and Google who pulled the plug so the site can no longer run...But is it possible there were people discussing things on that site which were not violent and were not harming anyone, and yet they pay the price for the few who were? Where is the line?

Do we allow tech giants to run our world, decide our politics, decide what we can say and think and express to eachother?

Think about these issues carefully, each day, as you open your computer and spend countless hours online expressing and reading from sites run by these billionaire tech "corporations"....because remember that no one person is being held accountable, so these companies have endless amounts of power now and the game is getting serious for all of us. Consider these things when you decide if you will stay supporting this kind of reality, or step back and say enough is enough...

Certainly you know they are spying on you, selling your information, reading your text and email and WhatsApp messages. Certainly you know they have the power to do more than they are telling you. So why do you give them your support, your time, your creativity, your words, YOU...?

Maybe 2020 was about teaching us where the line should be. Maybe it was about learning to let go...and not just of everything we once believed, but also of the world we had created. Maybe now is the time and this is the year, to step back and think hard about what websites you visit and support, what companies you buy your products from, and what sites you use to watch your daily tv and movies... I have been saying this for years about the websites which take advantage of musicians and artists, using their music and robbing them of any profit for their hardwork and creativity. Apparently I was supposed to smile and take my chance to be "promoted" by these companies. But now we enter a new time when there is even more at stake...Even more to be seriously concerned about.

If your freedom of speech matters to you, think carefully now about who you are supporting. A time will come when it could be too late to change your mind...

Xx Firegirl

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I am so grateful to those fans who have ordered merchandise in the last few months. I cannot tell you in words how much I appreciate this. I have had no income, and no financial support from the dutch or Canadian government for the past year and it looks as though my upcoming spring tour might be moved to 2022 (we will know more soon).

So what might seem like a small thing, is actually huge for me, and the many other artists who are without work or support now.

If I did not have my husband to help me right now, and the fans who continue to support me in the ways they can, I don't know where I would be now...

If you would like to order merchandise please email me at for details and shipping cost.

Thank you to all the fans who have helped me to create and make music, and who have helped me to stay strong over the past months. I can't forget you...
Xx Layla

Here is a list of what I have available here at my home and the prices (autographed):

The Firegirl CD (2009) - 10 euros
Sleep Little Girl (2011) - 15 euros
The Lily (2013) - 15 euros
Gemini (double album 2018) - 20 euros
Retrospective Tour 2019 (double live album 2019) - 15 euros
Nowhere left to go (new album 2021) - 20 euros

Gemini double LP - 30 euros
Gemini test pressing LP (rare collector item) - 100 euros

The Firegirl t-shirts (assorted sizes left in mens and women's styles) - 10 euros each

Assorted posters: 5-15 euros each depending on size and year

"Diary of a Firegirl" poetry book self published in 2010 (rare, only a few copies left of original pressing) - 40 euros each


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Yoga, meditation and aerobic dance

Today I finally took the time to use the new room my husband renovated for me, which I decorated as a yoga/meditation/dance room in our house. It is calming, clean, minimalist and gives me the chance to finally start working on healing some inner issues I have been carrying with me, in my body, for years.

I cannot say where this journey will take me, only that it felt so good to do something for myself today. I have always found it hard to put myself first, either because of childhood trauma or my personality, and though it might sound strange, I always struggled with self love. I guess this is something many people experience, and I know that last year has caused even more stress and doubt and fear for many people around the world. I know that my only way to move forward, through whatever comes, is to take the best care I can of myself. So taking time to work on the flexibility and strength of my ankle (since the recent ankle injury I sustained and still suffer pain from) and my back (which I had surgery on years ago) is not only vital but gives me a sense of self care that has been lacking for so many years in the music business.

Now as an adult woman, I care less about weight and how I look, and more about how I feel.

And certainly taking the time to stretch, do yoga, meditate and then do some dancing, really helped my spirit today. Later I walked my dogs and the nature and fresh air also made me feel more alive and awake.

I hope everyone will take the time, no matter what their situation at home is, to carve out some small window of time to care for themselves, their bodies, their spirits and their needs. Without self love and self care, we are more susceptible to illness, depression and a plethora of other distractions and lies which we have become easy prey to, in these strange and sordid times.

Without social media, I may be less "connected" to others, but I see more clearly, and become more connected to myself.

I hope you will find the same connection to self in the days, weeks and years to come..

Xx the Firegirl

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Radio interview with the Rockin' Blues Show (Canada)

Thanks to Brent on the Rockin' Blues show for all his support of independent blues music. Check out recent radio interview (Rocking Blues show #478)

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Cool album review from Brazil

It is always cool to see reviews from countries I have not had the chance to sing in yet or visit.

I hope someday, I will... :)

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Review of the new album from Croatia

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Well, here we are, it is release day after all the hardwork that everyone did to make this album possible. I have a long list of people to thank and I think you know who they are by now. The crowdfunders, the distribution company, the engineer, the musicians, the co-writers, the radio DJs and journalists who have supported the release, the photographer, the graphic artist, and many more who helped me to make this dream a reality.

Now the album is available in all the usual places for download, streaming and to find physical copies of the CD.

If you like to order directly from the artist, for a signed copy, contact us at or simply send your name, address and 20 euros (includes worldwide shipping) to via PAYPAL.


Love to you all for your continued support of independent music, let's keep going, no matter what the future holds...

Xx Firegirl (Layla Zoe)

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Amazing review of the new album on Rock and Blues Muse (USA)

Check out this great new review of the album on Rock and Blues Muse in the USA!

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Cool review in the Toronto Blues Society's newsletter

Check out the album review in the Toronto Blues Society's newsletter this month!

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The countdown is on and the gratitude is real

The countdown is on, and here we are, one day left until the official release of the album. I cannot thank you all enough for supporting the music. A huge thanks to the radio DJs who have been playing the songs and spreading the news about the new album. Big thanks to the journalists who have reviewed the album and helped spread the word of the talented musicians who gave their hearts to the album. Thank you to all the crowdfunders who helped make this album, because without them it could not have become a reality.
Thank you to all the musicians, the engineer, the graphic artist and photographer who came together and worked hard to help me make this dream a reality.
A special thanks to my fan Volker Vienken who generously helped support the album promotion in magazines. Big thanks to Gary Kendall and the Toronto Blues Society for special promotions and a digital premiere. And thanks to the fans who decided to buy a copy of the album directly from the artist instead of via the online sites.
Every bit helps now and I am grateful for those of you who also paid for MP3 copies of the Live at Errington Hall album as well. 

Now all that is left to do is the official release. I have done countless interviews, worked so hard to make sure many DJs and journalists heard about and had access to the album, and promoted the album in every way I can as an independent label. Now I only ask for your help tomorrow (JANUARY 8th, 2021) on the release date, that you share the news of the album release on your social media, with friends and family in groups, on apps, by email, or however you like to do it.

Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart, I am so deeply grateful to have been able to even make an album in 2020, during such a hard time for our business.

I am so grateful I could support and pay musicians at a difficult time for our business.

And I am so grateful I could share new music with the world, during such a difficult time for us all, as humans on this spinning planet.

All my love, and enjoy the music, Xx Firegirl


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Interview with Making a Scene

Check out the new audio interview with Making a Scene the independent online music magazine:

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Live at Errington Hall CD!

This week I have been going through boxes and getting rid of things and doing some cleaning of the house, and I came across an old copy of one of my earlier CDs, "Live at Errington Hall" :)

 Several fans have asked me for a copy of this album. Sadly I do not have more physical copies, but I am happy to sell the album as MP3s for 10 euros if anyone wants a digital copy. Please send by PayPal to and I will email the MP3s to you using wetransfer.

Enjoy the music, Xx Layla

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