Yoga, meditation and aerobic dance

Today I finally took the time to use the new room my husband renovated for me, which I decorated as a yoga/meditation/dance room in our house. It is calming, clean, minimalist and gives me the chance to finally start working on healing some inner issues I have been carrying with me, in my body, for years.

I cannot say where this journey will take me, only that it felt so good to do something for myself today. I have always found it hard to put myself first, either because of childhood trauma or my personality, and though it might sound strange, I always struggled with self love. I guess this is something many people experience, and I know that last year has caused even more stress and doubt and fear for many people around the world. I know that my only way to move forward, through whatever comes, is to take the best care I can of myself. So taking time to work on the flexibility and strength of my ankle (since the recent ankle injury I sustained and still suffer pain from) and my back (which I had surgery on years ago) is not only vital but gives me a sense of self care that has been lacking for so many years in the music business.

Now as an adult woman, I care less about weight and how I look, and more about how I feel.

And certainly taking the time to stretch, do yoga, meditate and then do some dancing, really helped my spirit today. Later I walked my dogs and the nature and fresh air also made me feel more alive and awake.

I hope everyone will take the time, no matter what their situation at home is, to carve out some small window of time to care for themselves, their bodies, their spirits and their needs. Without self love and self care, we are more susceptible to illness, depression and a plethora of other distractions and lies which we have become easy prey to, in these strange and sordid times.

Without social media, I may be less "connected" to others, but I see more clearly, and become more connected to myself.

I hope you will find the same connection to self in the days, weeks and years to come..

Xx the Firegirl

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