Thrilled to start work on a new album!

I am thrilled to announce I am currently working on songs for a new album! This is a very special project with a unique sound that is challenging my writing and vocal skills and this is exactly what I need to stay creative and uplifted during these difficult times for musicians.

I will begin crowdfunding this year on my birthday, MAY 26th, through the Indiegogo website again. Details will be posted here on my website blog, sent out via my mailing list/newsletter and we hope that you will feel excited with us and help by sharing the news on your social media accounts and with friends, family and fellow music lovers.

Thank you all for your continued support, love and faith in my musical endeavours. Your help has been vital in the success of my past projects so I hope you will join in supporting me again on this, my 16th upcoming album!

With love, music, and gratitude,

Layla Zoe

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