Tech giants

Always we have been waiting somehow, knowing that a time would come when technology, particularly of the internet would begin to hurt and harm in ways we wanted to blind ourselves to in the past. Always "terms of service" were changing and we would tell ourselves, "yes, but I know I must give up some privacy to be on the internet and use these social media apps, etc"....I was also guilty of this for years, thinking the tech giants would never cross certain lines we all believed were uncrossable.

But even after knowing that children lives were being harmed by internet porn and social media sites, that Facebook had admitted to sharing and selling our information, and we saw how algorithms started to take over everything that we saw and believed about ourselves and others online, we didn't stop...

Now, no matter who the president is, isn't the responsibility of the people to make decisions about what is seen and heard and what is not?

And even if we say we disagree, as the people, are we still not treading on thin ice if we agree to blatantly censor anyone, be they an artist or a politician?

Questions certainly fill my mind these days, as I hear news of another social media site "PARLER" being dismantled by Amazon and Google who pulled the plug so the site can no longer run...But is it possible there were people discussing things on that site which were not violent and were not harming anyone, and yet they pay the price for the few who were? Where is the line?

Do we allow tech giants to run our world, decide our politics, decide what we can say and think and express to eachother?

Think about these issues carefully, each day, as you open your computer and spend countless hours online expressing and reading from sites run by these billionaire tech "corporations"....because remember that no one person is being held accountable, so these companies have endless amounts of power now and the game is getting serious for all of us. Consider these things when you decide if you will stay supporting this kind of reality, or step back and say enough is enough...

Certainly you know they are spying on you, selling your information, reading your text and email and WhatsApp messages. Certainly you know they have the power to do more than they are telling you. So why do you give them your support, your time, your creativity, your words, YOU...?

Maybe 2020 was about teaching us where the line should be. Maybe it was about learning to let go...and not just of everything we once believed, but also of the world we had created. Maybe now is the time and this is the year, to step back and think hard about what websites you visit and support, what companies you buy your products from, and what sites you use to watch your daily tv and movies... I have been saying this for years about the websites which take advantage of musicians and artists, using their music and robbing them of any profit for their hardwork and creativity. Apparently I was supposed to smile and take my chance to be "promoted" by these companies. But now we enter a new time when there is even more at stake...Even more to be seriously concerned about.

If your freedom of speech matters to you, think carefully now about who you are supporting. A time will come when it could be too late to change your mind...

Xx Firegirl

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