Well, here we are, it is release day after all the hardwork that everyone did to make this album possible. I have a long list of people to thank and I think you know who they are by now. The crowdfunders, the distribution company, the engineer, the musicians, the co-writers, the radio DJs and journalists who have supported the release, the photographer, the graphic artist, and many more who helped me to make this dream a reality.

Now the album is available in all the usual places for download, streaming and to find physical copies of the CD.

If you like to order directly from the artist, for a signed copy, contact us at or simply send your name, address and 20 euros (includes worldwide shipping) to via PAYPAL.


Love to you all for your continued support of independent music, let's keep going, no matter what the future holds...

Xx Firegirl (Layla Zoe)

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