I am so grateful to those fans who have ordered merchandise in the last few months. I cannot tell you in words how much I appreciate this. I have had no income, and no financial support from the dutch or Canadian government for the past year and it looks as though my upcoming spring tour might be moved to 2022 (we will know more soon).

So what might seem like a small thing, is actually huge for me, and the many other artists who are without work or support now.

If I did not have my husband to help me right now, and the fans who continue to support me in the ways they can, I don't know where I would be now...

If you would like to order merchandise please email me at for details and shipping cost.

Thank you to all the fans who have helped me to create and make music, and who have helped me to stay strong over the past months. I can't forget you...
Xx Layla

Here is a list of what I have available here at my home and the prices (autographed):

The Firegirl CD (2009) - 10 euros
Sleep Little Girl (2011) - 15 euros
The Lily (2013) - 15 euros
Gemini (double album 2018) - 20 euros
Retrospective Tour 2019 (double live album 2019) - 15 euros
Nowhere left to go (new album 2021) - 20 euros

Gemini double LP - 30 euros
Gemini test pressing LP (rare collector item) - 100 euros

The Firegirl t-shirts (assorted sizes left in mens and women's styles) - 10 euros each

Assorted posters: 5-15 euros each depending on size and year

"Diary of a Firegirl" poetry book self published in 2010 (rare, only a few copies left of original pressing) - 40 euros each


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