Illegal album sales online

It is really disheartening to see so many illegal sales online of my latest album.
I am fighting every week to have links removed and to try and stop this piracy of my music.
But really have had the worst time with these guys who call themselves the "Russian Federation" and are selling illegal CDs on AliExpress, Discogs, Ebay, etc, etc...

Please, IF you want to buy merchandise or downloads from an artist and make sure some of the money makes it into the hands of that artist (who wrote, created and produced that music!) please be careful, aware and wary of the online links. You can always contact an artist or their management to try and get answers if you are not sure about a "seller" but often you don't even need to go that far because often these sellers make it clear that they are not legit. It's not right to put money in someone else's hands for music they did not create...especially at a time like this when so many artists and musicians are struggling...Enough said. 

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